ash_bridesmaid (ash_bridesmaid) wrote in thegreenfairy,

British Columbia Rejoice!

Let us be no longer victims of strict liquor importation laws! No more Mouthwash-esque czech swill bought at obscene prices due to a process of elimination!

The highly reputable and vernon based Okanagan Spirits is selling a traditional European recipe with wormwood (I emailed to find out more about the content and history of the recipe). I haven't yet been able to afford it, though it is a reasonable $55 for a 500 ml. at 60%, it's ingredient list is something of a revelation in this area: Anise seed, and a variety of traditional herbs. I have great confidence in it's flavour, it's overall effect maybe questionable, though BC has no Thujone restriction.

See the liquor in it's gorgeous bottle here (if link only takes you to the homepage, it's under products ->Specialty):


Also a short article on it

Now I count the days until my paycheque haha.
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