emma (vampmasochist) wrote in thegreenfairy,

absinthe in melbourne

I'm a postgraduate theatre student-read-I like a good show.
The thing that first attracted me to the green fairy is that its consumption was not just about the drinking, but its creation and the experience.
I first tried the green fairy on Tuesday the 19th of December 2006 at 'Vodka Borsch and Tears' on Chapel Street in Prahan (I think that part of the road is Prahan... long road).
I chose it because it was different and that night I was in the mood for something new and different, I was restless and I wanted change.
The green fairy delivered.
The man that made it for me served it on a little tray, there was a small-ish glass, a small silver container of sugar and a beautiful-strange spoon. He held the sugar in the spoon over the liquid (oh-I think the glass was rimmed... possibly also with a small amount of sugar). He lit the sugar with a blue flame and ... I believe there was more fire than he wished. He got singed a little I believe. There's a chance he burnt the sugar a little more than he was supposed to, but the entire experience was ... what I was looking for without even knowing it.
The drink-I tried to sip, they told me to skull. It was not easy for me to drink at first, but for some reason I still love the experience.
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