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buying absinthe in the UK

I'm new here. I recently tried absinthe and fell in love with it. I actually commandeered some of my mum's (Spanish) absinthe - but I realize that this will run out in time. So I'm wondering - where can I buy absinthe in the UK? I would buy it online, but the problem is that I live with an ex-alcoholic and so I'd have to make sure the packaging couldnt be recognized and wouldn't slosh, and that's unlikely, so I'd rather buy it at an off-license or supermarket, or from someone private willing to pack very inconspicuously. :) Any help? What supermarkets sell absinthe in the UK? I have access to Morrisson's, Sainsbury's and Tesco's. (Well, Aldi and Somerfield as well, but I'd be lucky. *lol*)

- jm
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