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So I'm new here, mainly because I had such a hard time finding an absinthe community.

I want to tell you a sob story you have probably heard before. I am Canadian, more specifically British Columbia (where there are no Thujone level restrictions). After months of reading and wondering about the mysterious fairy, I found absinthe on the shelves of my local government liquor store. It was more pricey than most liquors (around $55 canadian) but I bought it in a moment of excitement.

Uncertain of potential effects, I had to wait a week to drink it with a fellow curious friend (something I know now to be uneccesary). In that time I read up on it.... it sucks. It's Hill's (i'm sure that name holds some weight around here as sucking). We renamed it $50 listerene.

However, with all that said, it had wormwood and high liquor, and, maybe it's my imagination, but it's a very different drunk. One I loved, Ifelt awesome, so much lighter then typical liquor. The taste and lack of general quality was a concern (louche? what louche?), but my friend and I conceded if we liked the cheap we'd buy the expensive stuff overseas.

So we go to order (you know where this is going don't you?) and apparently, despite it's legality in Canada (and no restrictions in my province) you cannot ship it here. Why? Is it the thujone? The high liquor content? NO! IT'S BECAUSE IT'S NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S LIQUOR! Sorry... but this peeved me.

I believe I should be allowed to, within reason (no more then a case) be allowed to ship what is legal. Whatever.

Point is, I've been trying to figure out ways around this and I was wondering if there was any inspiration here.

ideas thus far:

1)ship to someone in the states, have them ship here, hope it is less likely to be searched (cons:expensive and very well could have the same end as overseas shipping)

2) talk to BC liquor or our few private liquor stores in hopes they might ship in for me on a special order program (cons: maybe only by caseload which is expensive for me)
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