trish (ex_ellipsis264) wrote in thegreenfairy,


Hi. I've been a watcher of this forum for awhile but have not yet posted. The only absinthe I've had the good fortune to try has been Sebor absinth(e), as I do not do much travel abroad and it is the most convenient. I'm sure that the topic has come up many times before, but what is the general concensus on Sebor? My experience with it was good, the taste marvelous, and I felt much like I was hovering at that pinnacle of a pleasant night of alcohol indulgence, but with none of the fuzziness. In fact I was *very* suprised at my lucidity. I also purposely took it up to my 'library room' and indeed skimmed a few books and took a few notes as well. But I was expecting just a little bit more of an altered state. The expense might have made me too frugal with the drinking sessions. I'm considering a larger purchase than last time at the moment.

So Sebor.....yay or nay?

Also, the import-export tangles - if someone could recommend a site for me, it would be most appreciated.

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